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Respite Care Services

At Assisting Hands Home Care, we can help people who provide informal care for a loved one with our respite care services in Lyndhurst, NJ and the surrounding areas of Hudson County.  Family members who care for their senior loved ones need time off, and with our respite care services, one of our licensed caregivers can take over providing care to relieve the family caregiver.

It is common for families to want to take care of their aging relatives when they reach a point that they need care and assistance in their daily lives.  Many families can handle providing care for their elderly loved ones themselves at first, but as their care needs increase, being an informal caregiver to a loved one becomes a full-time job.  Seniors can benefit from the help of a family caregiver as they are familiar and comfortable with their relatives and the family caregiver may have a more thorough understanding of their condition and care needs.  However, the demands of being a family caregiver can cause stress and burnout and many family caregivers develop health problems of their own.

Respite Care by Assisting Hands Home Care

Assisting Hands Home Care helps family caregivers in Lyndhurst, NJ with our respite care services.  With these services, one of our professional caregivers will take over providing care at scheduled times to give the family caregiver time to tend to their own personal matters, career, and well-being.  We will work with the family caregiver to understand the needs of your loved ones and the type of care provided so we can create a care plan and schedule and seamlessly take over providing care.

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Depending on the needs of your senior loved ones, family caregivers may spend long hours providing care, increasing the likelihood of experiencing stress, burnout, and physical and mental health issues.  They also have less time to spend with their families or focusing on their careers.  Our respite caregivers can take over providing quality care for your loved ones so the family caregiver can have some time off to rest and address their personal matters.

Senior Home Care by Assisting Hands Home Care

It is important to understand the need for family caregivers to take some time away from caregiving:

  • 65 million people provide full-time care for a relative
  • Women make up two-thirds of family caregivers
  • Long hours, lack of sleep, and stress can lead to burnout and a decline in physical and mental health

Professional Respite Caregivers

Family caregivers can benefit greatly from working with a respite caregiver.  Taking time away from caregiving allows family caregivers to tend to their own health and spend more time focusing on their families and careers.  Being well rested and in better health allows them to provide more effective care when they return.

We start by understanding the care needs of your loved ones and the type of care provided by the family caregiver.  We will tailor our care plan to match the care provided by the family caregiver and create a schedule that allows for regular time off.

Family caregivers who work with our respite caregivers will experience the following benefits:

  • Less stress and lower risk of burnout
  • Less likely to experience depression and other mental health issues
  • Better physical health and more time to rest
  • More time to focus on immediate family and careers

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If you have a family caregiver who could use some additional support, reach out to Assisting Hands Home Care.  We offer in-home consultations for our respite care services, ensuring your loved one receives quality and compassionate care.  Our dedicated caregivers are here to provide relief to the family caregiver, giving them the break they deserve.

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